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Industrial Automation

Intelligent terminal application of forklift crane

Due to the limitations of the forklift itself, the driver will cause possible unsafe incidents due to the existence of non-standard driving and other factors in the driving blind area during the operation of the forklift. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct timely monitoring and early warning of potential safety hazards in the 4 to 6 meter fan-shaped area in the forward direction of vehicle operation and in the 360 "range around the forklift truck, such as abnormal personnel, abnormal driver status, and overspeed driving.

When selecting an edge computing device, we need to prioritize compatibility with forklifts and cranes, or do the necessary hardware and software integration work. Devices need to interact and communicate with the cloud or other devices, so they need a reliable network connection. Data privacy and security is an important consideration. Ensure its reliability and continuous and stable operation.

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The SYS-2006 which is supports 3 models of NANO/TX2 NX/XAVIER NX modules with computing power of 0.5TOPS-21TOPS for customers to choose from. The whole machine adopts high-power fan heat dissipation, which can make the device work continuously for 7*24h in the working environment of -20° ~ 65°. The device is equipped with a 2*232 standard serial port and supports a maximum of five independent Gigabit networks, providing a stable working environment while transmitting data. The device also supports extended SSDS, which can guarantee data privacy and security.