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Industrial Automation

Industrial automation application

PLink-AI self-developed products in automation with NVIDIA Jetson

Visual Inspection and Quality Control: The Jetson platform can be used for visual inspection and quality control in industrial production processes.
By using deep learning algorithms, Jetson can analyze image or video data on the production line in real time, quickly detect and identify product defects, and check the accuracy of product assembly. This helps to improve production line efficiency and product quality.

Robot control and navigation: The Jetson platform can be applied to the control and navigation of industrial robots.
By using Jetson for image processing and machine learning algorithms, industrial robots can more accurately perceive their environment and perform complex operations such as material handling, assembly, and welding. This helps increase the level of automation and flexibility of the production line.

Data Analysis and Predictive Maintenance: The Jetson platform can be used for real-time analysis and predictive maintenance of industrial equipment data.
By using machine learning algorithms, Jetson can analyze equipment sensor data, identify equipment status and failures, and predict equipment maintenance and repair needs in advance, thereby improving equipment reliability and productivity.

Automated Warehousing and Logistics: The Jetson platform can be used in automated warehousing and logistics systems.
By using deep learning and machine vision algorithms, Jetson can identify and track goods in warehouses and coordinate automated equipment such as robots and unmanned vehicles to achieve intelligent warehousing and logistics management and improve the efficiency and accuracy of logistics systems.

It can be seen that NVIDIA Jetson series products have important application value in the field of industrial automation, which can improve the efficiency of the production line, product quality and equipment reliability, and promote the development of industrial production to the direction of intelligence and automation.