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Industrial Automation

Smart park, smart community and smart physical test application

In the process of the rise of exercise, people are more willing to introduce more intelligent hardware equipment in community parks, scenic spots and school physical education to improve the experience of physical exercise and landscape play. More stable equipment needs to be placed outdoors to support people's on-the-go, interactive, multi-participant physical exercise or landscape viewing activities.

Plink-AI SYS-2016 series products support computing power from 0.5T-100T, the different projects in multiple scenarios such as smart parks, smart communities and smart campuses. The power supply and wide temperature carrier device solutions, reserves rich peripheral interfaces, and has good heat transfer and heat dissipation performance. It is suitable for outdoor layout in this scene.

Deep integration of artificial intelligence machine vision and physical exercise, through the Internet of Things terminal +AI intelligent motion vision algorithm to transform the exercise scene into a more interesting and interactive activity, improve physical exercise and landscape experience. At the same time, the AI+ sports computing platform realizes the requirements of scientific training, personalized teaching and large-scale testing of students' sports