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Jetson Embedded Systems

  • Nano IPC SYS-2006
  • Nano IPC SYS-2006
  • Nano IPC SYS-2006
Nano IPC SYS-2006Nano IPC SYS-2006Nano IPC SYS-2006

Nano IPC SYS-2006

Jetson Nano IPC Nano-SYS-2006

1. product description

NANO-SYS-2006 is a compact AI industrial computer with NVIDIA® Jetson™ NANO series core modules. For industrial deployment applications, the main interfaces are designed for electrostatic safety protection, and a high-reliability power supply application scheme is adopted. The input power supply has overvoltage and reverse polarity protection functions, and has a wealth of external interfaces. warm model.

NANO -SYS-2006 standard type can support 1/3/5 full-speed Gigabit Ethernet, if you need to expand USB3.0 signal, SSD memory card, SATA signal, 4G communication module, various video capture/output cards, AD capture card, multi-serial port card, sound acquisition/output card, multi-function IO card, etc., please contact our sales staff.

NVIDIA® Jetson NANO, which can provide 0.5 TFLOPS of computing power in 10W power mode, with 128 CUDA Cores, 4 ARM CPU cores, 4 GB 128-bit DDR4 memory, it can run multiple network models simultaneously.

1.1 Product Features

Ø Factory pre-installed Jetson NANO core module

Ø 1 USB3.1 TypeA connector

Ø 2 USB2.0 TypeA connectors

Ø 1 Micro USB connector

Ø Optional 1/3/5 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 BASE-T) RJ45 connectors

Ø 1 HDMI 2.0 interface (maximum 6Gbps, 24bpp, 4096x2160@60Hz)

Ø Optional 32GB ~ 1TB SSD expansion storage

Ø 1 working indicator light

Ø 1 micro TF card connector

Ø 1 Nano SIM card connector

Ø Automatically start when power on

Ø Onboard Reset and Recovery buttons

Ø 2 RS-232 level serial ports

Ø 3 3.3V bit programmable GPIO, 1 bit programmable GPO with 3.3V strong drive capability

Ø Product size: 160mm×130mm×65mm

Ø Power requirements: DC +9V~+24V

Ø Working temperature: -25~+65℃