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Jetson Developer System

  • NX Development System Y-C7-DEV
NX Development System Y-C7-DEV

NX Development System Y-C7-DEV

Onboard 64G emmc storage
Board size: 80mm×60mm×16.8 mm
Power Requirements: DC +9V ~ +24V
Operating temperature: -40 ~ +85℃

Product descriptiom

Y-C7 is a low-cost, small size, industrial-grade carrier with NVIDIA® Jetson™ Xavier NX, TX2 NX, Nano series core modules
plate. For intelligent computing applications in the drone industry, the main interface is designed for electrostatic safety protection, and a power supply with high reliability and 70W load capacity is used.
With this solution, the input power supply has overvoltage and reverse polarity protection functions, and has a wealth of external interfaces, and all components on the board use wide temperature models. Against drones
To meet the requirements of shock resistance, all interfaces are designed with flexible wires, so as to improve the shock resistance of the connection with the peripherals through the unloading force of the flexible wires. For Hi-Speed USB3.1 signals,
A Type-C connector design with a fixed structure is adopted, and Type-C peripherals or adapter cables can be locked by screws.
Through the 2 lane MIPI CSI interface on the Y-C7, it can be connected to a variety of camera modules, and can also be connected to CVBS (PAL/NTSC), SDI, HDMI, etc.
frequency signal. The Y-C7 carrier board is surface-mounted with a 64GB industrial-grade EMMC storage particle. Through the storage expansion software we provide, it can be convenient, fast and high-quality.
One-click configuration for extended storage space efficiently.
The Y-C7 carrier board can carry hundreds of functional modules through a MiniPCIe connector and an M.2 E key connector to further expand system functions.
It can be extended to 4 full-speed USB3.0 signals, 2 Gigabit Ethernet signals, and 2 full-speed SATA signals. It can also be equipped with a 4G/wifi communication module and video in various formats.
Acquisition/output card, AD acquisition card, multi-serial port card, sound acquisition/output card, multi-function IO card...

1 x Vibration Resistant Full Speed USB3.1 Type-C Connector
 1 Micro USB connector
 1 Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000 BASE-T) connector
 1 HDMI 2.0 port
 1 USB2.0 port
 1 full length M.2 E key connector
 1 full-length MiniPCIe connector
 1 fan control interface
 1 RS232 level serial port
 One 3.3V TTL level UART serial port
 One 2 Lane MIPI camera interface FPC connector
 1 set of 3.3V level I2C signal
 1 CAN bus interface with onboard transceiver
 3 3.3V bit programmable GPIO, 1 bit programmable GPO with 3.3V strong drive capability
 1 RTC clock keeping power supply interface
 5V, 3.3V power output interface
 1 working indicator light
 Automatically start when power on
 Board size: 80mm×60mm×16.8 mm
 Power requirements: DC +9V ~ +24V
 Working temperature: -40 ~ +85℃product description